We had our first FREE INDUSTRY LEADERS WORKSHOP, featuring Casting Director Judy Bowman on Wednesday 22 Feb. It was successful beyond my wildest imagination—and I have a pretty good imagination.


Judy Bowman’s Workshop

Twenty-five actors attended and nineteen of them got to preform their monologues for Judy. (Everyone’s name went into a hat at the beginning of the evening.) The three hours flew by as Judy gave great feedback to the lucky nineteen whose names were drawn. We ended the evening with a brief Q & A.

The workshop did exactly what it was designed to do – give actors a chance to present their work to one of Industry’s leaders—FOR FREE.


John Swain & Judy Bowman

Judy has already called one of the participants in for an audition. Yea, Stacey.

Our next workshop will feature another casting director – the wonderful, and extremely hardworking, Donna McKenna.

Save the date — 22 May 2013.

To be invited you either have to be a student of mine or you have to follow this blog (see sidebar). If you’re reading this you are probably following the blog.

Someone at the workshop asked me why I’m doing this. I was an actor for a long time; I know how difficult and expensive it is to maintain a career. This is my way of giving something back to a business that has been incredibly generous to me.

I do hope you will be able to join us for the next one.

Please share this with your friends.

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  1. Ru Flynn-Sales says:

    Thank You John for being such an exceptional human!
    Your heart is in the right place and you are an amazing treasure for actors!
    Many Blessings,Ru

  2. I am looking forward to this event and meeting you and Donna.

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