Donna McKenna’s Workshop – Another Success!

The workshop with Donna McKenna went extremely well. Thirty-two actor’s names went into the hat – actually it was a blue bag this time – and twenty-seven of them got to work.

Donna working the phone during a break in the workshop

Donna working the phone during a break in the workshop

And the actors who got to work did an amazing job. Donna told me afterward how impressed she was with everyone.

These workshops are doing exactly what they were designed to do to – give actors a chance to present their work to one of the industry’s leaders – AT NOT COST TO THE ACTOR.

 Why free? I was an actor for a long time and I know how expensive it is to maintain an acting career. I am thrilled to be able to give something back to the acting community.

Donna and John waiting for the next actor to present her work

Donna and John waiting for the next actor to present her work

I  hope you will be able to join us next time.

The next workshop will be in mid-July. We are waiting for final confirmation before we announce the date and who the guest will be. Stay tuned.

Let your friends know about these workshops so they can attend too.

To be invited you have to be a current or former student of mine or follow my blog. 

Comments: The feedback/discussion was incredibly helpful. Although I was nervous Donna and John made me feel at ease. I believe that it made for a much better performance on my part. LM

While my name was not selected I did learn a lot listening to the feedback other actors received from both John and Donna. KR

It was great that feedback was given to the actors and time taken with each actor. EM

Exceeded my expectations! IC

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3 Responses to Donna McKenna’s Workshop – Another Success!

  1. Kathleen ONeill says:

    Can’t wait till the next one!

  2. So good! So generous. So professional. OF COURSE – it is John Swain doing it!!!!!!

  3. Vito Leanza says:

    I was incredibly put at ease by Donna’s spirit. She wants us all to succeed as actors and had some insightful info on the business if the business. I walked away knowing that when I audition, it is my job to do my best work. That’s all we can do. There are so many factors that go into casting actors and I’m at ease knowing that as long as I do my job, the rest will take of itself when and where it’s suppose to. As a student of John, I respect not only his knowledge of acting but his humanity as he gives these seminars to us as his way of giving back to a business that he has been so blessed by. Thank you John.

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