Jamie Harris Workshop – Unbelievable

Jamie (L) and John watching an actor's work.

Jamie (L) and John watching an actor’s work.

Unbelievable!! That is really the best way to describe it. Twenty-seven actors got to showcase their work and Jamie told me in a follow-up meeting how impressed he was. He also said he would be calling several actors in for meetings. But not until after pilot season!

These workshops provide the actors who study with me or the people who follow this blog with an opportunity to get in front of the some of the top leaders in our industry. FOR FREE!

Our goal is to do as many of these workshops as we can. In order for that to happen my social media guru says we need to increase the number of people who follow our blog.

IMG_0849That’s where you can help. Please spread the word. Let your friends know what we’re doing. The more followers we have the more workshops we will be able to do and the more workshops we do, the more likely it is you will get into one.

And to sweeten the pot here’s a deal – if you get five friends to sign up to follow the blog I will send you a copy of my highly acclaimed book, The Science and Art of Film Acting.

How will this work? Have five friends sign up for the blog and then send me an email withJHS_Cvr_FilmBook_Print_1 their names and once we verify your friends are following us I will send you a book. Once you get the book you’ll see why so many of my students are working.

Easy breezy.

Here’s what a few of the people who attended the last workshop had to say about it:

Jamie Harris was exceptional as an agent giving great feedback. John Swain is already legendary at his craft, but his generosity really surprised me. MK

It was a supporting and encouraging environment where I was given constructive feedback. I will take the comments and use them to improve my work. Very happy to have been in attendance. SM

Loved it. Was a terrific night, for me it truly was inspiring. Thanks again. RR

Turn your friends on to something really special and get a book for yourself.

Hope to see you at the next workshop. Details on that coming soon!!



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