The Joy of Summer.

Summer Crockett Moore

Summer Crockett Moore

Our latest industry workshop featuring indie producer Summer Crockett Moore was a huge success. She met thirty actors and those actors got to showcase their work for her.

Summer’s latest film, Junction, has been nominated for the prestigious Prism Award. Other nominees are August, Osage County, The Spectacular Now, and Lee Daniels, The Butler.

It was a very special evening! Here are some comments from the actors that attended: “The workshop was well run, informative and fun and a good learning experience. If you’re an actor in New York and you aren’t taking advantage of John’s give back workshops you are missing an incredible opportunity. Meet a casting director, or a producer, or an agent, perform your monologue, and get valuable feedback. And it’s free.” Mary L

I see these workshops as an opportunity to get invaluable critiques from the professionals John brings in. It’s also a great opportunity to build connections and expand my network.” Annemarie A.

“Great direction and great advice from John and Summer. I thought people did great work… until they got direction from John. Once they made those adjustments they really brought the goods. Thanks John and Summer!” Tom D.

John & Summer watch Barbara Haag (r) draw the next actor's name.

John & Summer watch Barbara Haag (r) draw the next actor’s name.

“Summer, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and to thank you for lending your expertise and experience to the workshop. It’s always a privilege to be in a room with people with track records like yours and John’s.” Patrick H.

“John’s workshops are a wonderful opportunity for an actor at any level to learn and grow in a safe, supportive place with insightful input from both John and his industry guests. Together Summer and John walked me through my piece in such a way that I was able to get a fresh perspective on a tried-and-true monologue that had become almost routine for me.” Kate K.

The students were impressed with Summer’s openness and generosity and she was blown away by the caliber of their work. Not only is she keeping everyone’s information for her files, she also handed several of their pictures and resumes to her husband, Tony Glazer, to consider for the TV series he is directing.

Here’s how the workshops work. We invite leaders in the industry to come and share their expertise with a group of thirty actors. Eligible actors are current or former students of mine – either from New York or San Francisco – and those who follow this blog. The workshops are free.

A few days before the workshop, invitations are sent out via Constant Contact (if you aren’t getting these notices from Constant Contact please let us know right away). The first thirty actors to respond to the invitation get a spot in the workshop.

Actors come prepared with a two-minute contemporary monologue. Their names go in a hat (sometimes it’s a bag) at the beginning of the workshop and when their names are drawn they perform their monologue. The invited guest and I critique the work suggesting adjustments and if necessary offering the actors the opportunity to do the monologue a second time. We see as many actors as we can in the three hours allotted to the workshop. Last time we saw everyone! We end with a brief Q & A.

That’s it!

Really free? Really! It’s our way of giving something back to the acting community.

We are currently doing a workshop every two months. Our goal is to do one every month. Want to help? Here’s what you can do:


Kimberly Graham from Judy Henderson Casting (Homeland, Avatar, Before Midnight, Second Sight) will be our next guest – May 20th.  Hope to see you there.




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1 Response to The Joy of Summer.

  1. Catherine Mancuso says:

    Thanks again, John! Looking forward to the next one (and fingers crossed that people hear from Mr Glazer! That’s so awesome that she did that!)

    Thanks! Catherine Mancuso

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