imagesReader alert. There’s a spiritual aspect to this post. If that stuff bothers you, if you don’t believe in it, then stop reading now.

Okay, for the rest of us. What are you telling the universe? What messages are you sending about your career? Have you been spinning your wheels for the past year? Two years? Three years? Hoping the Universe will magically figure out what you want?

My experience is what you put out is what you get back. So, what are you putting out into the universe? If you don’t have an agent, what are you doing to get one? If the casting directors aren’t calling you in to audition, what can you do to make that happen?

When I returned to New York after a twenty-four year hiatus I didn’t have any trouble getting a commercial agent. Enough people remembered me. Plus I had been working with a bi-coastal agency in California so when I decided to move back to New York I let the New York branch know I was coming and they signed me immediately.

Getting legit representation however, was a different story. My old New York agency had folded and none of those agents were in the business any more. So, I put a monologue together, got some coaching and did a few “pay-to-be-seen” workshops.

I’m not endorsing those workshops but they do serve a purpose.I didn’t go after any of the big agencies; I wanted to be with a smaller agency with the hopes we would grow together.images-3 With that in mind I picked a few of what I thought were up and coming agencies. Very soon, I think it was at my fourth workshop, I met Jamie Harris from Clear Talent Group. He liked my work, told me they didn’t have anyone like me on their client list and asked me if I would like to work with them. I said yes. In very short order I had booked both Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent plus I landed a starring role in the off-Broadway play Pied a Terre.

How did that happen? I saw what I needed to do, told the universe what I wanted, took action (which included going to a bunch of EPA’s) and the universe did what the universe always does, it responded.

Telling the universe what you want works both ways. By not doing anything you’re also sending a message. If your headshots aren’t current, you’re sending the message “It’s not important how I represent myself.” By not staying in touch with casting directors, whether you’re working or not, you’re sending the message, “That’s all right, they know who I am.” Send the postcard, it’s okay. Even if they don’t have time to read it, at least they’ll know you’re still in the hunt, still serious about being in the business.

Shortly after arriving in New York I was invited to join a play reading group. It was made up of a bunch of actors who wanted to keep their skills in shape, plus all of us held the intention of wanting to work. We got together, read a couple of plays but couldn’t schedule a third reading because so many of us were…guess what…working.

images-4What actions are you taking to insure that the universe is clear about your message? When was the last time you talked to your agent? Are you in a class? When was the last time you contacted a casting director? When was the last time you went on an audition? Is your resume up to date? Every action you take or each action you don’t take, sends a message.

The universe is listening. What are you telling it?

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  1. Great post. Perfect message of encouragement and helpful ideas.

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