Kimberly Graham is coming!!

One of these sits in Kim's office.

One of these sits in Kim’s office.

Kimberly is going to be our next guest instructor. The invitations to her workshop will go out on the 15th of May at 12 noon. To be eligible to these workshops you need to either be a current or former student of mine or be a follower of this blog (if you reading this now, you are).

The invitations go out via Constant Contact. If you are not on our CC mailing list shot me an email and I will make sure you get added to it.

The workshops are free. Our goal is to give something back to the acting community — I’m an actor and I know how expensive it is to maintain a career. This is my way of saying, “I get what you’re doing. Here’s a chance to showcase your work to one of the leaders in our industry. Come, show ’em what you can do.”

Kimberly is part of the team at Judy Henderson casting.  She has been an Associate there since 2003. She and Judy cast for TV, film, theater and commercials. Recent projects include the pilot: “Babylon Fields” for NBC. Films: “Air Disturbance”, “I Dream Too Much”, “Entering the Sea” and “Grace” among others. Recent Theater projects include “And Baby Makes Seven” by Paula Vogel at The New Ohio Theater and “Intimacy” by Thomas Bradshaw for The New Group. They recently won an Emmy Award for casting “Homeland” for Showtime.

The workshop goes from 7 – 10 PM. Actors will perform a two minute contemporary monologue and Kimberly and I will provide critiques. We will see as many actors as times permits saving the last few minutes for a Q & A.

Don’t miss out on this great chance to meet and showcase your work for Kimberly Graham.


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2 Responses to Kimberly Graham is coming!!

  1. says:

    John, this is SO great!!

    I’m probably going to do the piece I did for your first workshop, so you’ve already seen it. I hope you don’t mind.


  2. Thank you for hosting the workshop last night John. It was great to meet you and Kimberly – you both had wonderful insights to share with us. I was also impressed with the high standard of work that was presented. Thank you for the opportunity! Best wishes, Katrina Ferguson

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