Casting Director Shout-Outs

Last week actors who follow this blog had the opportunity to participate in one of two casting directors’ workshops. A few got to do both.

donna-grossman-donna-grossman-castingThe first shout-out goes to Donna Grossman. She is a critical and vital component of the on-camera commercial class I teach. She is the instructor for the seventh week and does an outstanding job. Here are a few comments from the class she taught on July 14th:

Having the ability to get feedback from someone on the casting side and be given adjustments/constructive criticism is so important; we as actors rarely get that! It 10151165_722348337815425_2679753837388749358_nboosted my confidence knowing that I was able to take her adjustments and give her what she asked for. John’s class definitely prepared me for that. IH

Donna was extremely approachable, gave great feedback and really had a great way of looking at copy. It is important to have that “real world” experience in a classroom.  And very rare too. SE

Donna was very honest when it came to giving feedback.  She and John both instilled a knowledge about commercial acting that I had never learned before. SH

Getting Donna’s feedback was very constructive. Having her there was a lovely way to wrap up John’s class. BL


IMG_6599.JPG - Version 2The second shout-out goes to David Cady. David’s workshop on July 16th was the latest in the series of free industry workshops we offer in New York. David did a great job. Here’s what a few of the actors who attended had to say:

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Walking into the room I was a bit nervous, but David and John set a wonderful tone for the evening that was positive and encouraged growth. LB

Actors listening to David's critique

Actors listening to David’s critique

Pragmatic, succinct, and extremely clear, David certainly has his finger on the pulse of the industry – I learned how important naturalism and honesty is, and how crucial NOT-selling is to a commercial performance today. Totally excellent workshop – thanks David, and John!!! AH

The concise criticism offered by both John and David helped set the tone for the evening. David’s guidance helped to clarify what the expectations would be in a professional audition scenario.  LM

John and David watching an actor's work

John and David watching an actor’s work


What a joy it is to meet casting directors in such an open and supportive environment! IS

I love how respectful David and John were. It felt like they really were collaborating with us to get the best results. MC


We’ve just finished our first full year of hosting these free industry workshops. So far we’ve had casting directors Judy Bowman, Donna McKenna, Kimberly Graham, and David Cady plus indie film producer Summer Crockett Moore and agent Jamie Harris as our guests. Almost 200 actors have been able to showcase their work.

Our goal is to do one of these workshops per month. In order for that to happen we need to increase the number of people following this blog. If you’d like to have more of these workshops, help us spread the word. Let your friends know what we are doing and ask them to sign up.

Okay, we’re on hiatus until September. I’ll be posting a blog every now and then but the rest of the time I’ll be working on my latest novel. Have a great summer!







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