Free-Workshop-logoOkay, Donna is already in New York. What’s different though is that she’s helping us kick-off our Free Industry Workshops Series for 2015. And in a few days you could have the chance to showcase your work for her.

If you’ve been living under a rock you might not know but Donna is one of the busiest commercial casting directors in New York. She casts hundreds of projects every year. But starting in 2015 she is expanding the scope of her office and will be casting for film/TV and theatre as well.

This is an incredible opportunity to meet her and show her your work.

What do I need to do? If you’re following my blog or if you’ve ever studied with me then you’re automatically eligible for the workshop. However, the invitations for the workshops go out through Constant Contact. So, if you aren’t getting the emails I send out via Constant Contact then you need to make sure I have your right email address. I’ll be sending out a brief notice on Constant Contact later today. If you don’t get it, let me know.

What else? When you get the invitation you need to respond to it RIGHT AWAY. These workshops fill up very quickly.

When is the workshop? January 28th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

When to the invitations go out? At 12 noon on the 22nd of January. Make sure you imagesnear your computer. Did I mention—these workshops fill up quickly.

What does it cost? Nothing. That’s what free means.

Why aren’t you charging for this? It’s our way of giving something back to an industry that’s been very good to us.

How does it work? The first thirty people to respond to the invitation get a spot. On the night of the workshop names are drawn out of a hat and each actor gets to present a two-minute contemporary monologue. Donna and I will give you feedback and if any adjustments need to be made you’ll get a chance to do your piece a second time.

Donna (center) and her crew

Donna (center) and her crew

Where will the workshop be held? If you are one of the first thirty people you’ll receive an information sheet with all the details. You will however need to be on time, be ready to work and commit to staying until the workshop is over.

Nothing else? Oh, yeah. Make sure you bring two headshots and resumes.

Okay, hope to see you on the 28th.

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  1. bob hennessey says:

    Hi John,

    Hope all’s well! I appreciate this invitation, unfortunately I have a class that conflicts with this workshop. Hopefully, another time.

    Regards, Bob Hennessey

    Sent from my iPad


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