Peter Kaiser – Fantastic Agent!

Peter and John at recent workshop

Peter and John at recent workshop

Last week twenty-seven actors had the opportunity to meet and showcase their work for Peter Kaiser, super agent with the Talent House Agency. Formally with the Gage Group in both Los Angeles and New York and then the lead agent with Henderson Hogan, Peter now heads the New York office for Talent House.

Peter gave each actor constructive feedback on their monologues and there was a long Q & A afterward. When the evening was over I was bombardedĀ  with comments like: “Wow! What a super guy.” “I want him to be my agent.” “I never knew agents could be so nice or so approachable.”

Other comments I’ve heard are: “It is so wonderful that you provide actors access to these types of industry people.” “I can’t believe these workshops are free.” “When I signed up I had no idea it was going to be such a great experience.” And one of my favorites is: “Why are you doing these workshops for free? Other places charge actors a lot of money to see these people.”

Why are the workshops free? It is my way of giving something back to a business that has been very generous to me. If there is anyone reading this who doesn’t know how the workshops work – here it is: The workshops are open to any of my current or former students – even those from years ago – and to the people who follow this blog.

Peter Kaiser coaching actors

Peter Kaiser coaching actors

Right now we have a workshop every other month. We would like to do more. In order to justify doing more we need more people to follow my blog. If you want to have more of these workshops ask your friends to sign up to follow my blog and when we get more followers, we will do more. How cool would it be to have a free workshop every month? So. spread the word, okay?

Next workshop is scheduled for the 23rd of March and the guest will either be casting director Michael Cassera or agent Mark Redanty with Bauman, Redanty/Shaul/Gage Agency. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Peter Kaiser – Fantastic Agent!

  1. Vito Leanza says:

    You are an inspiration and a kind gentleman John! I miss your presence in my life and you give us all incredible skills that come from your incredible soul. Thank you. Forever thank you.

  2. Chayenne says:

    This is such a lovely thing to do! Thank you.

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