WOW!! What a Week!!!

Okay, I get that I’m a really fortunate guy. I’m able to make a living doing the things I love. I have had a lot of great weeks but this last week, actually these past two weeks, WOW!!

And the fact that it all happened while I was so unbelievably sick — yeah, sick like I could barely get out of bed sick —  just reminded me that life is indeed GOOD ALL OF THE TIME.

Michael Cassera and JohnOkay, here’s how it went down: Two weeks ago the casting director Michael Cassara was the guest at our  free industry workshop and 27 actors got to showcase their work for him. (If there is anyone out there who doesn’t know how these workshops work, here it is in a nutshell — every two months I host a free workshop for actors and give them a chance to present their work to some of the heavy-hitters in our industry. If you’ve ever studied with me or if you read this blog then you’re eligible and will get an invitation. And yes, the workshops are free!)

Okay, so Michael saw 27 actors and has told me repeatedly via text, in person and via email what a good job everyone did. He is so excited about what we’re doing he offered to hook me up with other casting directors and agents so they too can see the caliber of work in these workshops.

1239634_10151906030548115_384264762_nThe high from that experience propels me into this week. This incredibly, fantastic week! On Monday casting director Donna Grossman sat in on the Level 1 commercial class I teach at Terry Schreiber’s Studios. She was knocked out by the actors and said their work was outstanding. On Thursday Phil Cassese, the lead commercial thagent from Stewart Talent, came to my Level 2 Commercial class and said,  “Very fun time! Nice to see actors working on such a high level.” (There is nothing more rewarding as a teacher to have your students receive so much high praise.)

Then on Wednesday — let me back track a little — on Monday I get a call from David Elliott, my agent at Buchwald, and he says, “Checking to see if you’re available to work on Wednesday.” And I say, “For what?” He says, “A WebMD spot.” I say, “I didn’t audition for a WebMD spot.” He says, “I know. But the casting director knows your work and wants to book you.” And even though I’m still sick and barely functioning I say,  “Yeah, you bet.” I mean work is work, right? And if someone wants to book me without me having to audition all the better. Am I right?

So Wednesday I shoot the WebMD spot. I have a lot of words but it’s all on a teleprompter and we wrap forty-five minutes early and I go home and crawl back into bed.

th-2When I fire up my computer on Thursday, there waiting for me, drum roll please, is a contract from Routledge Press an imprint of  the Taylor & Francis Group, the largest publisher of academic books on the planet.

They are going to combine my two books The Science and Art of Film Acting and The Science and Art of Commercial Acting into one book and publish and market it worldwide. Needless to say I am beyond excited!!

And suddenly on Friday I was well. This flu/bronchitis or whatever it was that had been lingering for weeks just went away. Okay, maybe the two rounds of antibiotics had something to do with it but the sun is shining once again and I am back to being me. Wow!! What a Week!!!

Here’s wishing you an incredibly fantastic week.



Coming up:  

The next FREE INDUSTRY WORKSHOP will be on the 2nd of June. Our guest will be David Cash from the Nicolosi Talent Agency. Invitations go out on the 25th of May. If you’re reading this post and your email address is on file with my Constant Contact account you will get an invitation. If not, and you want to get an invitation, make sure you register your email address with my Constant Contact account.

Level 1 Commercial Class starts on May 9th.

On-Camera Scene Study class starts June 7th.

If you are interested in these classes click on THE CLASSES page for more information.

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  1. says:

    Woo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    Best, Kate

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