Danger or Opportunity

First, a shout out to Carlos Wayne Anderson. The talk he gave at Symphony Space in New York City on June 5th is the inspiration for this piece.

In his talk, Carlos mentioned that the Chinese have a coin that has the same symbol on thboth sides. On one side the symbol means Danger, and on the other, it means Opportunity.

Listening to him I was reminded of how often I’ve shied away from choices because I was afraid. I used to, for any number of reasons, focus on the Danger instead of the Opportunity. This limited perception prevented me from seeing life for the adventure it is.

I’m often asked: why did you become an actor? The biggest reason was the challenge. I consider myself a clever person; I pride myself in my ability to figure things out. But oddly enough I realized early on I would never know all there was to know about acting. I would never be able to figure it all out…not entirely. And not knowing all the answers, knowing nothing would ever turn out the exact same way twice—that spoke to the spirit of adventure in me.

Over the years, and it’s been a slow process, I have trained myself to look at danger in a different way. Yes, there are things out there that are truly dangerous. I’m not suggesting th-1you fly to Spain this week and run with the bulls in Pamplona but I do invite you to look at danger differently.

Several years ago my wife and I were living a very comfortable life in San Francisco. I had started and together we had built a well-respected and successful acting school, Full Circle Productions. Marsha had established herself as one of the top actors in the city. We had a beautiful house – all paid for, plenty of disposable income, new cars, etc. But something was missing. We felt stale, life was no longer challenging. The adventure of building the school, which had been both wonderful and rewarding, was over. We needed a new challenge. Then one day at breakfast, we looked at each other and said, “Let’s move to New York.”

Really, that’s how it happened. Because we had already jumped off life’s cliff several times before we didn’t spend too much time dwelling in the danger. What we saw was an th-2opportunity to grow. We didn’t necessarily know exactly what that meant, what challenges New York would offer (and believe me it offered plenty), but we knew in order for us to continue growing as artists and as human beings we needed to see past the danger and look to the opportunity.


How did the move turn out? Here’s something I’ve heard Marsha say many times. “By moving to New York I found everything I was seeking and nothing I expected.” I concur wholeheartedly.

New York was/is a very different animal than we expected but by seeing past the danger and seizing the opportunity we were able to grow in ways we never could have if we had stayed in the safe, comfortable world we had created in San Francisco.

I invite you, not to be reckless, not to endanger yourself, but to look past whatever it is that scares you and see if there isn’t an opportunity there that could spark the adventurer in you.

Push past the Danger so you have the Opportunity to become the person and the artist you were meant to be.

COMING UP:                                                                                                                           WYGT_July2016_JPEG


July 14th and 17th  – A special workshop production of When You Get There by Marsha Mercant will be presented by the InterAct Theatre Company at the Pico Playhouse in Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen this play check it out. And if you have see it, and you know how good it is, come see the changes that have made it even better.               


July 27th – Our next Free Industry Workshop featuring Debbi Epstein from Stewart Talent. Debbi came to Stewart Talent from APA where she worked as a junior agent under Partner Barry McPherson. Before that she was at Gersh working for Randi Goldstein. She grew up in Staten Island, went to La Guardia High School and Purchase College after that. She loves Billy Joel. Stay tuned for more information.

July 11th – Commercial Level 1 class starts. The class provides each student, whether new to the business or a seasoned actor, with a set of skills that takes the guesswork out of the commercial audition process. One spot left. Click here for more info.

July 14th – On-Camera 1 class starts. Presented by the Terry Schreiber Studios this class is for people of various skill levels who are new to working on camera. Focus is on training the actor to understand and fulfill on-camera blocking and direction while incorporating truthful moment-to-moment involvement and spontaneity. Five spots left.  To learn more click here.

August 2ndSpecial Three Week, Two-Camera Scene Study class starts. This is a special three week class I am conducting before taking a two-month hiatus. Geared toward more advanced actors, this class is designed to teach actors how to break-down and present a scene at performance level without the benefit of rehearsal. Three spots left. Click here if you want to learn more.

Okay, that’s a lot but that’s it. Hope to see you soon.

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                John

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