Last Free Industry Workshop…

…before we go on hiatus. This will be our last free workshop until early December.

Our guest will be Debbi Epstein with Stewart Talent. The workshop will be on the 27th of July from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. Invitations to the workshop will go out on the 25th at 11:55 AM. The invitations go out via Constant Contact. If you aren’t getting my Constant Contact posts (one just went out at 1:20 today – Monday) and you want to get an invitation to these workshops let me know.

Debbi Epstein came to Stewart Talent from APA where she worked as a junior agent for Partner Barry McPherson. Before that she was at Gersh working for Randi Goldstein. She grew up in Staten Island, went to La Guardia High School and Purchase College after that. She loves Billy Joel.

Stewart Talent is one the of hottest new agencies in New York. They also have offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. This is your opportunity to showcase your work for one of the top new agencies in the country!

Starting the 2nd of August I’ll be teaching a special three-week class.  This is a chance for actors who haven’t been able (because of  time or money) to take my regular 8-week class to experience the technique I’ve developed. This unique approach is designed to give actors the tools they need to present their work at performance level without the benefit of rehearsal.

Without rehearsing? Is he kidding? Nope. If you’ve ever sat in on one of my classes you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Why no rehearsal? Because the reality of TV and film is that there isn’t any  money for rehearsal. Actors who aren’t prepared don’t get a second chance.

“John’s approach to acting is the foundation of my work. He has given me a set of tools that I continually rely on. As I learn more from my experiences I’ve gained even more respect to the depth and flexibility of his technique. I couldn’t imagine going on an audition without using the things I learned from him.” Sumalee Montano Rizzoli and Isles, Shameless, VEEP, Sorry Ari, NCIS: New Orleans, Nashville, The Mentalist, Beware the Batman, Touch, Nip & Tuck, Big Love, Close to Home, Bones, ER. West Wing, etc., etc., etc.

I’m not sure what your aspirations are but if you want to work in film or TV you need to make sure your craft is in tip-top shape. For more information on this class click here.

Okay, that’s it for the summer. I hope to do some posting over the next few months…we’ll see As always though, if you have any questions, shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope to see you in the workshop…or in class. Or both. Have a great summer.



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