Summer Has Been Postponed…

…only kidding. The snow storm two weeks ago threw our calendar off and we had to re-schedule our next FREE Industry Workshop. It is now scheduled for the 25 of April.

Summer Crockett Moore is going to be our guest. In case you don’t know who Summer is (one of New York’s most prolific producers) here are a few of her credits: Summer has spear-headed award-winning independent feature length and short films, Off-Broadway theater productions and numerous multi-media ventures.  Current film projects include: Lost Cat Corona (2016), After the Sun Fell (2016) Wholly Broken (2016), Above All Things (2017), Block Island (2016), Lez Bomb (2017), Junction (2013), Trust Me I’m A Lifeguard (2014), These Things We Hold (2015), Mired (2015), Chosen (2016), Symposium (2016), A Younger Man (2011)Upcoming film projects include: The Alternative (optioned), Heather (pre-production), Love Thy Keeper (pre-production), Before I Do (announced) and Miss Liberty (development). Television projects include: Little West 12th Street (2016) Vevo’s One Night Only (2015) and the upcoming hour-long dramatic series More which begins production in New York in April 2017.

As you can see this is one busy lady and we are very lucky to have her as our guest for the next Workshop. Invitations to the workshop will go on the 20th of April at 11:55 AM. The first twenty-five people to respond will get a spot in the workshop.

What will you need to bring to the workshop?  A headshot and resume, a two-minute contemporary monologue (shorter is okay, longer is not okay). Location and other details to follow.

These workshops fill up fast so be on the look-out for the invitation.

Hope to see you there.


New class info:                                                                                                                      Commercial Level One Class                                                                                                          May 1st – 12 June 2017

Two-Camera Scene Study Class                                                                                                       May 2- June 20th 2017

For additional details on both of these classes go to


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