Summer Is Almost Here!

Summer Crockett Moore that is! Only four more days ’til the invitations for this special workshop with Summer Crockett Moore go out. Here is some info on one of the films she produced last year that is coming out this year, Lost Cat Corona.  This funny film stars Sean Young and Ralph Macchio.

Above All Things

Summer also has four other films opening this year and three films in various stages of production. Plus she is show running a new TV series, More. Here is what she said about her new series and the upcoming workshop – “We have  32 characters in the first episode of the full season of this TV show that we are show-running! We need all types in this series.  Excited to see your people. Wheeeeeee!”

As you can see this is one busy lady and we are thrilled to have her as our guest at the next FREE Industry Workshop (April 25th). Be on the outlook for the invitation. It (fingers crossed and saying prayers that our new mailing system is working properly) will go out at 11:55 AM on the 20th of April.

Hope to see you there.



News Classes:                                                                                                                               Commercial Level One (1 May – 19 June 2017)
On-Camera Scene Study (2 May – 20 June)
For more info go to:  click here

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