You may have wondered – where have I been!?

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, the answer is…drum roll, please… working on my new book. It was released on the 18th of August and will soon be available in your local bookstore or can be ordered now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Taylor-Frances/Routledge Press, one of the world’s largest publishers, read my two other books and commissioned me to write a new book, this one titled The Science and Art of Acting for the Camera – A Practical Approach to Film, Television, and Commercial Acting.

Quite a mouthful, heh?

In the process I discovered self-publishing a book is a lot easier than writing for a publisher. When you self-publish you’re the boss, what you say goes. With a big-time publisher a lot more people are invested in what you’re saying and how that material should be presented. And did I mention compiling an Index? I’ll never do that again! I have to say though, from beginning to end, the people at Routledge Press were nothing short of amazing.

I am extremely pleased with how the book turned out, not just how it looks, but the content too. And the reviews so far have been outstanding. Here are two of the latest:

“Swain’s The Science and Art of Acting for the Camera is a welcome addition to the study of on-camera work! It covers the nuts and bolts of a very important and sometimes ignored medium in the actor’s training. Swain provides a touchstone for any actor wanting to learn and know more about working on-camera. A great addition to my library in teaching the actor for today’s world.” James Calleri, Casting Director, Head of Graduate Acting, Columbia University.


“John Howard Swain’s The Science and Art of Acting for the Camera is a readable, practical, and immensely enjoyable guide to the study of acting on film. I have made my living as an actor for over forty years and still found new things to learn from his book. There are many books out there attempting to explicate the study of acting. Most only reduce it to results and pronouncements. Swain keeps it right-sized, upbeat, positive and do-able.” Ivar Brogger, Department of Theatre, Chapman University

What’s next? First, a well-deserved vacation with Marsha Mercant, my lovely bride of twenty-six years, and then, in October, back to work.

And after we come back you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. My goal is to post a new article every two weeks focusing on…you guessed it – the science and art of acting for the camera.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you in October!


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1 Response to You may have wondered – where have I been!?

  1. Mary Looram says:

    Congratulations, John. Even though I have the first two books I will be purchasing this one also. Have learned so much from you already, but anxious for more.
    With great respect,
    Mary Looram

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