About Me

I’ve been fortunate enough to make my living in show business for nearly forty years.

Actor – I’ve played the lead  in over thirty plays. Guest starred in scores of network television shows, been a principal in over 200 national television commercials.

Author – I’ve written two books: The Science & Art of Commercial Acting (available at Amazon,Barnes and Noble, Drama Book Shop); and The Science & Art of Film Acting both of which are available on-line or at the Drama Book Shop in New York.

Director/Producer – I’ve staged and/or produced more than twenty-five plays. I’ve also produced four films and directed five, the latest being the multiple-award winning short, A Younger Man.

Teacher – I was the founder and managing director of Full Circle Productions in San Francisco, one of the country’s premier schools for actors interested in film and television. I’m currently on staff at T. Schreiber’s Studios in New York.


Current Projects:

Exit Plan – (director) – written by Marsha Mercant this taunt drama opens in New York on January 27th 2016. Against the backdrop of their father’s imminent passing, three siblings are confronted with old hurts and unresolved anger. After a twelve-year absence, Duane, the youngest, returns home to find his ideas about what to do for their father are not welcome. Kirk and Tori, his older brother and sister, resent Duane’s demands to insinuate himself in the process. Ideals are questioned and philosophies challenged as the th5ree siblings struggle to come to an agreement of their father’s Exit Plan.

Recently completed projects:

Dark at the Center – (director). Written by Deborah Savadge. What happens when a recently tenured college professor is accused of promoting child pornography? Was he framed or is he trying to protect someone else? How does this taunt drama where honesty, truth and honor clash, play out?

Scrambled Eggs – (lead producer) written by Robin Amos Kahn and Gary Richards, directed by Matthew Penn, Scrambled Eggs recently played off-Broadway at the Beckett Theatre and played at 94% capacity.

Honor Student – (Director) written by Michael Erickson Honor Student was the winner of the Playwrights First 2013 playwrighting competition. I directed a reading of the play on 8 December and the reading featured Linda Jones, Patrick T. Harvey, Tom Martin, Jeanne Lehman, Stacey Scotte and Ray Schaub.

John Howard Swain
June 015

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