The Visit – Produced by John Howard Swain, Directed by David Skelly

Two-Camera Scene Study Class
Dates: 11 July – 1 August 2017
Tues: 6:30 – 9:30  PM
Investment: $240.00
Location: Simple Studios,
134 W. 29th Street NYC                      
To register for the class see below.

The focus of this class is to learn how to present  performance level work with little or no rehearsal. 

What makes the scene study class unique?

First: John is a working actor. Here’s a sample of his work:

Second: the technique. This special four-week class prepares you not only for your auditions but gets you up to performance level with minimal rehearsal. It is designed to help create fully realized, multi-faceted characters that leap off the page. All your work and John’s notes on your work are recorded and you’re given a copy to take home.

Third: John’s highly acclaimed book, The Science & Art of Film Acting. “Film acting is, indeed, a science and an art. How many times has a young actor gone to a Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp film and marveled at their ability to communicate a difficult or emotional scene so naturally? Luckily for the reader, John Howard Swain demystifies a medium that for many actors proves to be daunting and elusive. The Science and Art of Film Acting should be on the book shelves of every actor hoping to have a career in film and television.”- Jamie Harris, Lead Agent, CLEAR TALENT GROUP

“John’s approach to acting is the foundation of my work. He has given me a set of tools that I continually rely on. As I learn more from my experiences I’ve gained even more respect to the depth and flexibility of his technique. I couldn’t imagine going on an audition without using the things I learned from him.” Sumalee Montano ACTOR Rizzoli and Isles, Shameless, VEEP, Sorry Ari, NCIS: New Orleans, Nashville, The Mentalist, Beware the Batman, Touch, Nip & Tuck, Big Love, Close to Home, Bones, ER. West Wing, etc.

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To register for the scene study class click here.





“It is always a wonderful thing when an actor comes into an audition with strong choices, solid technique and the freedom to play. I have been constantly impressed by the level of talent that I see, and the mastery of the work, from the students who have come out of John Howard Swain’s classes.” Summer Crockett Moore, PRODUCERFilms – Lost Cat Corona (2016), After the Sun Fell (2016) Wholly Broken (2016), Above All Things (2017), Block Island (2016), Lez Bomb (2017), Junction (2013), Trust Me I’m A Lifeguard (2014), These Things We Hold (2015), Mired (2015), Chosen (2016), Symposium (2016), A Younger Man (2011).

JHS (center) discussing a shot with his DP and AD

John (center) discussing a shot with his DP (John Warren) and AD (Celia Shuman)


Commercial Level 1
Monday 6:30 – 9:30 PM
Dates: 10 July – 14 August 2017
Location: T. Schreiber Studios
151 W. 26th Street, NYC
Investment: $450.00  


                                                                                                                                                                   “I just booked my 48th commercial (most of them nationals). I still use the techniques I learned from John.”     Susan Santiago — ACTOR

Why is this class different than other commercial classes taught in New York?

First: the teacher. John has directed, produced or starred in over 200 national spots. Check out the video below!

Second: the technique. Students learn specific techniques that turn the commercial audition process into a series of simple acting exercises.                                                       John’s students have booked nearly 8,500 jobs!

John Swain setting up a shot

John Howard Swain setting up a shot


Third, the practical experience. On the last week of class one of New York’s busiest casting directors, Donna Grossman, walks the the students through the experience of an actual audition. This is followed by a Q & A where the actors learn first hand the do’s and don’ts from a casting directors prospective.

                                                                            Actors take home a copy of their work after every class. If you want a leg up in commercials this is definitely the class for you!

To enroll for the commercial class call 212-741-0209 or Click Here!

The book The Science and Art of Commercial Acting is a requirement for this course. Students may purchase a copy the first night of class ($15.00) or buy it at the Drama Book Shop. 

John’s classes are interactive and informative, and designed to help you succeed. Because of the techniques I learned there I just booked a series of commercials for RUNZA. I am so grateful. Thank you, John.”  Jessica Tillman


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