Directing & Producing


In total I’ve produced and/or directed over twenty-five plays and have produced four films and directed five including A Younger Man, the multi-award winning short.


Cast of Scrambled Eggs

Cast of Scrambled Eggs

Completed a successful run of Scrambled Eggs written by Robin Amos Kahn and Gary Richards, directed by Matthew Penn. We played at the Beckett Theatre and ran at 94% capacity.




HONOR STUDENT by Michael Erickson – a reading

What happens at a sleepy mid-western university when in a creative writing class one of the students reads a story about torturing and killing his teacher and his fellow students?

The piece garnered interest from the Broadway producer, Michael Alden, and it is in development.

Stay tuned.

Current projects:

Dark at the Center (director) a taunt drama by D. C. Savadge. We are slated to do a reading of the piece in September 2015. Come and find out what happens when a tenured college professor is accused of promoting child pornography. A taunt drama where honesty, truth and honor collide.

Prop 187 – (writer, TV Movie) – doing a final revision of a script that takes a look at what happens when ruthless ambition slams up against morality. What does a right-winged, ultra conservative Senator do when her young daughter is saved by an illegal immigrant. Will she protect the young man or will she turn him in?

Central Station – (writer, novel) – finishing the final draft – Homicide Inspector Albert Hooper, Jr., is a cop with a skewed view of authority. He sees his new assignment to San Francisco’s gritty Central Station as an opportunity to advance his career but instead finds his new precinct riddled with corruption.

On Hooper’s first day, a low-level drug dealer kills a visiting Chinese national. Learning that the man who ordered the hit is a fellow police officer, Hooper embarks on a dangerous path to bring the renegade cop to justice. An illegal surveillance reveals something even more sinister – a criminal conspiracy that threatens to blow the lid off the city.

After a fatal shootout in his apartment, Hooper’s ambitious Chinese/American wife and his father, a celebrity DJ with a cocaine habit, pressure him to quit the department. Ignoring their pleas, he sinks deeper into a quagmire of deceit and lies that threaten his life and his job. When Hooper finally confronts the corruption in the precinct, his boss exploits Hooper’s vulnerability with incriminating evidence that forces him to choose between his family and the oath he took to protect and serve.

Some personal history:

I’ve been a partner in two theatre companies and was the Managing Director for Full Circle Productions in San Francisco. A few years ago I moved back to New York.

JHS (center) with AD Celia Shuman and DP John Warren on set of Stand-By

Being on the other side of the camera has given me an even greater appreciation for what it takes to be an actor. And it has made me a better acting teacher.

Film: Director:                                                                                                                                        A Younger Man; Unity, New York; Whose Life; Uncommon; Stand-By.

The Visit – D. Skelly, director; JHS producer

Theatre: Director and/or Producer:
Scrambled Eggs, That Championship Season, Veronica’s Room, The Hollow, The Owl and the Pussycat, Baggage Men, The Odd Couple, Night Must Fall, Luv, The Dumbwaiter, I Do, I Do, etc…                                                                                                   

Partial client list as actor, director or producer: American Express, Maxwell House Coffee, Taunte Marie’s, Pearl Vision Eye Wear, MCI, IBM, KFC, Formula 409, Tylenol, Cooking with Nicole, MasterCard, Chrysler, Volvo, Kendall-Jackson, Hall Mark Cards, McDonalds, California Chiropractic Association, Log Cabin Syrup, Carnival Cruise Line, Jack in the Box.

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